The NFT Gallery

Display your own collection of NFTs in our fully customisable 50 screen NFT gallery. 

Located in the stylish Venue C, our NFT gallery is perfect for business events and retreats, with our exellcent staff including a chef at hand for all your needs. 

The Venue C Experience


From industry conferences, to office social events and confidential meetings. Our events team is at hand to ensure every request is skillfully handled and co-oridatined. Coupled with dining options from our on-site chef.

Venue C perfect venue for every event.

Delicate Dining And Drinks

Our chef will prepare canapés or meals for any upcoming event at Venue C, all to be served by our dedicated butlers.

About Venue C

Located in the Historic City of Cannes on the French Riviera, Venue C is a stylish hideaway perfect for family breaks or business retreats 

Experience The Wonder Today 

NFT Gallery

A sneak preview of our Ian Rush NFT Gallery. Enjoy our collection or share your own across Venue C.