Travel the waters of the French Riviera and Mediterranean, relaxing in the bespoke comfort of the beautiful Claremont

The iRama is the largest yacht of our fractional charters fleet, providing spacious and unrivalled solace for every guest.

Located in the heart of the historic city of Cannes, Venue C is a stylish, contemporary hideaway.

Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is the crown jewel in motorsport. Watch the extreme speeds and exhilarating action on one of our yachts.

Our Yachts feature the very best 

Claremont Yachts offer exceptional services to ensure your charter is unforgettable.

beautiful rooms

Enjoy the ever changing ocean views from the comfort of your stylish room

Five Star Crew

Our crew are at hand to ensure every need is met and every wish granted. 

Glamorous dining

Experience dining in a new light with amazing food and experiences on the sea.

Charter Locations 

French Riveria

Experience the picture-perfect beaches and coastline views of the French Riviera 


Experience the awe inspiring natural beauty and soak in the sun of the Mediterranean.

Monaco Grand Prix

The rush and speed of the Monaco Grand Prix race weekend. For bookings, please contact us. 

Venue C

The perfect location for a family getaway or a company retreat.


Redefining the dining experience.

All meals are hand prepared by our excellent kitchen staff at Venue C


 Our Butler and Concierge service will help make your stay as hospitable as possible. 


Experience relaxation on a new level with a luxurious spa day 

five floors

Spanning over 5 floors all serviced by an elevator – Venue C is a spacious retreat. 

suit room

 Built to the highest quality – the Suit Room is the epitome of class and elegance  

double room

Built with comfort in mind, our double rooms are perfect for unwinding. 

single room

Perfect for a comfortable rest at the end of a long day.